Yasith Mayabandara
Sri Lanka


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17 thoughts on “About”

  1. By creating this forum, translating documents, and sharing your technical know-how, the lankan GP5 community have benefited immensely. Thank you


  2. Dear Yasith,
    I found accidently t your web age when searching details for GP5. You have done a wonderful job. Greatly appreciated and keep the good work up.


  3. Dear yasith,

    Educate all the GP5, VEZEL and grace (and may be nissan xtrail users-not sure whether it needs the sameoil change but it has a dual clutch system)users which has DUAL CLUTCH Drive system, it has a clutch unit and it’s oil needs to be changed every 5000-6000 kms. Not many people knows this and I also got to know this by the people of HYBRIDHUB and got my car done. If it is not maintained properly and later the drive motor gets affected and eventually the whole unit will have to be replaced and it will cost around 5-6 lakhs. The oil used is DOT 4. As it seems the agents are also not doing the required things. Please pass on the message.


    1. Dear Thanushka,

      Thank you very much for the information.

      Dear all friends,

      I am not fully aware about this fact. And i am trying to get an original service manual to solve this issue. Currently only one place is doing this not even the agents. I will be able to clarify this in near future and will inform all of you


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