Warning Lights and Messages

Dear Friends,

Have you noted there are lot of warning lights and various information displayed on the GP5 meter panel?

Have you ever got in to trouble understanding this indicators/messages?

Here is a guide for you. This is translated from the Japanese user manual


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17 thoughts on “Warning Lights and Messages”

  1. Thanks a lot for doing this blog regarding the GP5 since there’s a lack of information for English users.

    Little suggestion, could you use two or more URL shorten serivces to link your articles. So that if any one of service went down we can still user other links to get the article. Right now I’m having an issue with adf.ly service and can’t get what I need.



  2. Thank you Mr. Yasitha.
    Spent your valuable time for translate very usefull information for all fit users.


    Thank you…….



  3. Hi Yasith, when i was driving my 2013 GP5 i got a long audio warning from the car in japanese, it was around 7 seconds long. I quickly looked at the dashboard there was no warning there. Any idea what it might be? And do you know other audio messages the car gives out?


  4. Dear Mr Thusitha

    My car is GP5 L grade now it is appear alarm when driving but that image is not in the warning alarm and massage part in web.how can i clraify this issue.



  5. Hi Yasith,
    I have a Honda FIT GP5 and when I tried to start the car last Sunday afternoon I came across that a cabin light is ON (from Friday) and the car couldn’t be started. Then I connected a battery charger to the 12V battery while it is connected to the car (+ from charger to + on battery and – from charger to – on battery). I removed the charger after around 4 hours and I could start the engine without any trouble. But now there are 4 indicators that are continuously lit (ABS warning, Brake Warning – Red, VSA warning, EPS system warning).
    What would be the cause for this and what should I do now?
    If this should be shown to stafford motors, is it safe to drive the car?
    Some guy suggested to remove the negative terminal for 10 minutes, fix it again and see. Is it okay to remove the 12V battery terminals of a Hybrid vehicle BTW?



    1. Dear Hemal,

      Most probably your problem may due to the low voltage supply for the above said systems. If it is so, you can drive the car safely. And if you think the brakes and power steering is working fine, there wont be a big issue.
      Anyway, you have to scan the vehicle and correct the issue. Most of the time just a clearing of memory will solve the problem.
      Of course you can remove the 12v battery of a hybrid but beware of the audio.
      Thank You


  6. Hi Mr yasith.ur information are quite useful.thank u very much .btw.i got a warning signal on my gp5. indicating smart key with draining battery sign.could you pls clarify this.
    Best regards sanjaya


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