Changing Time

Dear Friends,

When there is a Honda Internavi system on your car, You can not change the time of the car by the method i have described in the article “Vehicle Settings Menu”. Here you have to change the time in your AV system that automatically sets the time in the car (meter panel) it self.

Below is a link to a video that shows how to do this. You will see how the time in meter panel automatically change with the AV system time.


Thank You

Yasith Mayabandara


31 thoughts on “Changing Time”

    1. Hi Buddhika,

      I also have the same problem with Gathers AV and couldn’t be able to solve yet. If you find any solution, please let me know as well.

      Thank you.


  1. Hi Yasith,

    Thank you for all the information provided. Keep up the good work. My question is when I change the time on the internavi system it changes on the display but once I switch off the car and restart it changes time to the previous. Can you help me with this. Thank you.


  2. Hi Yasith,

    As you suggested I took my car to AV system technician at Auto Pal regarding my time issue on the internavi system, but even that guy client figure it out what to do. When we set the time and switch off and restart the vehicle the correct time displays on the display and it resets back to a different time. Usually a couple of minutes difference. The guy said there is no issue with power supply to the system when the vehicle is switched off. Could it be that the GPS is restting the time? Also do you know a good technician that I can consult? Thank you.


  3. Dear Yasith,

    Could you please tell me how to change time in Gathers vxm155-vsi setup which comes with Honda Grace.

    This information is not available in any where. Thank you very much.


      1. Dear Yasith,

        Its about changing language but not the time. However its seems, time is synchronized with GPS. So I think it can not be changed manually.

        Also if you found a way to off driver side door alarm in GP5 or Honda grace please let me know. (Using setup)

        Thank you.


  4. Dear Yasith,

    I have GP5 L package and the same DVD set up as above (have attached image as well). I still cannot change the language of this. Pls help to change the language to English instead of Japanese.

    Appreciate your help 🙂



  5. Dear Lasith,

    I also have GPF5 L package and appreciate if you could advice how to change the language of the DVD player. It is similar DVD player as shown in the top.


  6. Hi
    I have no idea how to change the time in meter panel of Honda Fit GP5. My car did not have the original car set up and i fitted one locally.
    Please help me.


  7. Please tell me how to change the time on meter panel (Honda Fit GP5 2015 L grade).
    The original audio/video set up was not there and i fitted one locally. Should i do it via the set up or other way round?
    Help is very much appreciated.


  8. How to change the time on meter panel of a Honda Fit GP5 2015 L grade which doesn’t have the original audio/video set up connected?
    There is only a locally fitted set up.


  9. Dear yasith
    My one gathers vxm-165 vfi,have the same language problem.unable to sort it out.if you know way to fix it would be greatful.


  10. I have a honda vezel hybrid.i want to change language on the dvd.from japanese to english.model gather vxm 155-VFEI.can i do that…


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