Vehicle Approaching Reporting Device On/Off Button

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Hope this article will clarify most of your doubts.

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Yasith Mayabandara



5 thoughts on “Vehicle Approaching Reporting Device On/Off Button”

  1. dear friend
    have you any information about how to replace audio system. i need replace my audio. i have some technical knowledge . but i need help to removing step,
    thank you


  2. I have just serviced my GP5 from Kundasale auto works. Mainly the first service after 5000 km 2015 model. The beat has changed after the service and bit noisy. Could kindly advie me of the problem. Usual beat has disappeared.
    Ananda athukorala


    1. Dear Ananda,

      I have no idea about what they have done during the service process what your current beat sounds. Therefore it is very difficult to comment on your problem. If every thing has gone right, the beat will be back to normal after few hours of running.

      Thank You


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