Coming Soon

Dear Friends,

Following articles will be available soon

  • Honda Fit GP5 Hybrid Battery
  • Honda Internavi – Pairing and Handling Bluetooth Phone

Thank You


9 thoughts on “Coming Soon”

  1. Hi Sir, Could you kindly tel us how to improve fuel efficiency with some tips. i.e accelerations, optimum speed to maintain etc.. Thanks


    1. Dear Kithsiri,

      Please refer to my “Honda Fit GP5 Driving Aids” article in “Technical Articles” section. With that information you may develop your own driving style according to your daily route.

      Thank You


      1. Dear Yasith,

        Thank you very much for the great and valuable information and I was on this website since few months and it helped to made my decision to buy a Honda Fit GP5 L package on this April.

        I would like to kindly seek your advise or forum discussion about services and places and I believe it will be useful for many of us when we seek alternative other than Stafford Motors.

        Thank you and Best regards,


  2. Hi Yasith,

    Thanks for the great work you have done so far. I’ve already ordered a GP5 2015 S grade and your site helped me a lot to understand my new buddy.
    I really appreciate if you can provide an answer to above Ruwan Hanwellage’s question since it applies to me as well.

    Thank you,


  3. Hi Dear Mr Yasith
    You are doing a great job for the hybrid car users here, in Sri Lanka, specially those who do not have much technical knowledge.

    Can you ple tel me about the gear oil changing of GP5. now my car just pass the 40,000 km. but not an any indication appears on panel board.




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