Honda Fit GP5 Packages

Dear Friends,

There are 4 packages available in GP5.

  1. Base Package
  2. F Package
  3. L Package
  4. S Package

They are mainly differs from the available equipments.

Note that there is a slight difference in fuel consumption as given by the Japan website.

Here are the differences of each.

Fit GP5 packages









Travel Related

travel related


Fuel Consumption

  1. Base Package – 36.4 km/l
  2. F Package – 33.6 km/l
  3. L Package – 33.6 km/l
  4. S Package – 31.4 km/l

54 thoughts on “Honda Fit GP5 Packages”

  1. Dear Yasith,

    I bought a GP5 “F” grade vehicle recently . It was without rear wiper. And the fuel consumption is hardly increased to 17.5km/l from 16km/l. Do you know specific reason for that???


    1. Dear Indika,

      This was discussed several times before. Could you please browse through the discussions related to this issue made before. And could you please let me know about the route you drive?

      Is your vehicle a “0” millage one?

      Thank You

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      1. Dear Yasith,
        I bought a 2014 GP5 “S” grade vehicle recently.after one service Does the hybrid battery get charged less by engine And the fuel consumption is to low arround 13km/l to 11km/l in colombo city.
        Do you know specific reason for that???


  2. Dear Yasith,
    Thanks. I’ll refer the old discussions about the fuel cunsumptions. /by the way the meter was around 4,500km when I purchase it.


    1. Dear Indika,

      Looks like you got a “Base Package” that rear wiper is optional.

      Regarding your fuel efficiency, i think that it is better to reset your trip meters and re-check. Also please refer to the “Honda Fit GP5 Driving Aids” article and change your information display to individual trip fuel consumption and look about the values there.

      Please update us about the progression

      Thank You

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  3. Hi
    I just checked the fuel efficiency of my new GP5 L Grade, during last trip from Batticaloa to Colombo, had run about 310km to refill only 9.5 Liters, means being actually consumed 32.6km/l, even though the Trip meter was indicating as 34km/l. the average speed was in between 70 to 100km/h.

    Hope your guys get the same.


  4. Hi yasith ,,,that better not buy S gread,,, what is the reason for that,,, what do u think what is the best gread for u


    1. Dear Shehan,

      The only technological difference between L and S is, S having Paddle Shift. Our main aim of buying a hybrid is to save fuel but if you use paddle shift, you can’t save much fuel.

      Other options such as fog lights, alloy wheels and others can be installed to the L grade easily.

      Therefore, i think L is the grade that gives you the best options for the money.

      Thank You


  5. Dear Yasith, While thanking for your invaluable job done here, please let me know that my ” 0″ millage GP 5 – L grade machine still showing 15.5 kms per Ltr. I have done 500 kms up to now. Is it necessary to drive about 3000 kms less than 40 km speed as this is a brand new car ? also please let me know what i have to do to increase the fuel consumption levels. Thank you in advance. Thisara Perera – Moratuwa


    1. Dear Thisara,

      Thank you for your encouraging words.

      Well, as we discussed several times, fuel consumption depends on your driving style, daily route traffic and the distance travel within a single trip.

      General tips for good fuel economy are,
      1. Accelerate smoothly
      2. Avoid harsh breaking as possible
      3. Avoid high speed driving (>80)

      You do not need to drive at 40 till 3000 km but what the manual says is avoid sudden accelaration and drive at moderate speed up to 1000 km.

      Thank You


  6. Dear Yasith, I read the previous discussions that said the only technological difference between l grade and s grade is the paddle shifts but what is the difference between f grade and base models ( comapred with l/S grades)


  7. Hi Guys , I have a GP5 s grade gold badge version with original front cameras, I went on trip to Somawathiya through Kandy , Pollonaruwa & came back to Colombo via Kurunagala almost 700 KM & It gave me 23Km/L but normally within Colombo it gives 19-20 KM/L I think this is OK and don’t know how to increase further as I always accelerate & let off the accelerator so that car will turn back to EV mode & I maintain the speed at EV mode by slowly accelerating. try this for L grade & let me know the improvement .


  8. Hi, I too met a problem until My GP5 get 1000 kms in the meter board. After i got Yasith`s instructions I used to control the accelerator when i run on ECO mode. Glad to say you that I have driven Colombo to Kurunegala and back my avg Km/l was 45 do you believe ? With full of A/C. My car is not a “S” grade one.


  9. Hi, I’m going to buy a GP5 but there is a confusion the package. It has scoop light, CTBS, sports mode ,etc. Look like L package,they also saying it’s a L package..but there are no cruise how can I know the exact package of the car…??
    Need a soon reply..

    Tks, Janaka


  10. Hi, Yasith can u explain what is Honda fit GE 6(2010) model with respect to gp5? (Fuel eff.,weakness, options,prise..etc)

    U doing a great job here,thx


  11. Hi Yasitha,

    Do you have any information of this GP – 5 LS grade?
    Is it a Limited version S grade
    or a Special version L grade



    1. Dear Rakitha,
      Have you ever seen such inforont of rear view mirror in a gp5 or other honda? If so could you please upload a photo for reference? Probably you may talking about a lane departure warning system sensor.
      Tgank you


      1. Hi Yasitha,
        I will upload when I get a pick, but in your link CTBA it shows the one that comes on top of the windscreen, in front of the Rear view mirror (facing the bonnet). The vehicle I saw also has it (apparently) but no sensor/gadget near the rear view mirror.
        So, am I being tricked….


  12. Hi Yasitha,
    The vehicle I’m planning to buy has been recalled (checked from your link, very helpful, thanks). It says “improvements already done” & memtions “plug top coil exchange & noise filter mounting treatment”
    What should I do?
    They Say “You can use with confidence” what is your opinion?
    Thanks a million…


  13. Hi Yasith, I checked With your link to see if the vehicle i am planning to buy has been recalled. It has for “plug top coil exchange & noise filter mounting treatment”, what do I do … any advice ?


  14. Hi yasith
    You doing a great service bro. I’m planing to buy a gp 5 f grade. Earlier you mentioned L grade is better option then S grade. I just want to know what you prefer L or F grade.
    Fouzan from dehiwela


    1. Dear hasisoft,

      I am not aware of such app. There is a app for honda cars but not sure if it works with GP5.

      There are so many things to look at,
      Service history
      Auction grade
      And you may request for a hybrid system scan report specially for battery condition


      1. Hi Yasith,

        Thanks ! I bought the car and did electrical inspection through the dealer. There was no errors and battery is 46% which dealer said ok. is there a way to scan and see if the genuine mileage has changed?


  15. I have a grade s which was directly purchased and imported from japan. Usually it does around 20kmpl. But the lowest it did was 17kmpl. And the highest is 26kmpl.


  16. Hi guys. I am looking to buy a honda fit hybrid 2015 model. what is the difference between GP5 model and EXL model.
    Also i am looking for a car with moon roof.


  17. Very much appriciated the comments and suggestion of yours yasith. I have a go5 S grade and earlier it was doing 24km per litre. Now its being observed tht the average has come down to 13.5 and less. And the engine is very hot with even a short distance drive though there is no warnings on the dash board.
    Tks in advance


    1. Dear Charitha,

      Seems your engine need a tuneup (Air filter replacement, Spark Plug ckecking and replacement if necessary). You may check and replace the blower filter. Also have to check the main battery health and charging charastristics.
      You have not mentioned the odo meter reading that i like to know.
      Meantime look for the basics as tyre pressure that also affects fuel consumption.
      Thank you


  18. Dear Yasith,

    First of all, thank you for this valuable service that you are doing. its very helpful. i read most of your suggestions followed by each and every questions. please keep it up. its really worth.

    I also have a question since long time and don’t know to whom to ask. despite all these comments, many of my friends says hybrid vehicles gives unexpected troubles compare to other normal vehicles though its saving fuels. so I’m in doubt whether to go for Hybrid or to go for ordinary type vehicle. at the moment I’m in middle east and here there is no Hybrid cars that i can have an experience. its not necessary here because oil prices comparatively lower.

    next month, i’m planing to buy my own car in Sri Lanka so i well appreciate your advice on Hybrid concept which put me in doubt.

    Thanks a lot,
    Chinthaka, Doha.


    1. Dear Chinthaka,

      Thank you. These type of thoughts are common with the development of technology. If you are aware of, same thing happened when you saw an autogear vehicle here several years back. And also with EFI engines. You can push and start a vehicle with manual gears but you have to jump start an auto gear one. So, you have to “expect” the situation and always carry a cable when driving an auto gear vehicle. Likewise, Yes, the hybrids give “unexpected troubles” as long as we are not aware of the technology and how to maintain it.
      If you are a tech enthusiast and have a basic knowledge in motor mechanics, you surely ignor this thoughts.
      Just for your information, I am using two hybrids for more than two years now but still have not to face any issue.
      Thank You


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