Honda Internavi

Dear Friends,

Most of you may have Honda Internavi AV systems in your GP5s. Unfortunately, All the menus and information are in Japanese language and  we won’t understand anything. This section helps you to understand some of the important functions of the system.

Please post your questions regarding Honda Internavi System under this section.


Thank You

Yasith Mayabandara


175 thoughts on “Honda Internavi”

      1. Hi yasith…
        Boss i want 5 digit unlock code for honda gathers inter navi vxm-165 vfi. Can u plz help me…
        Yours thank fully ..
        Shahzaib soomro


      2. Hi there yasith, I have a GATHERS VXM -164VFI in a Honda FIT GP5 2016 model, and it needs the security code, unfortunately they haven’t sent the head unit manual and I contacted the dealer and they also haven’t got the manual or serial 😔 Anyway I can get it unlocked to be used, or what are my options ? Please if anyone has any ideas it would be a great help

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  1. Hi all,
    Thank you very much mr. Yasith,
    Do any one have Gathers vxm 155 vfi with internavi….
    USB seems not working in my setup..
    I tried badly to change the language, but still couldn’t.. it is different from utube videos…
    Google translater app in my phone helps me up to some extent to use the setup, is it read japanese through the camera.. 😊hope it will help u all too..
    SD card is missing… don’t know weather new one will support…
    My setup has internal 16GB memory.. but still have no idea how to make use it…
    Wish some one could help me…. 😕


    1. You would need USB cable. The cable provided mostly is for WiFi connectivity go to some good electricien he can make you cable. Use standard size SD card not mini or macro. Also it is possible to change language to English but English would be only on front screen menu. Sub menus would still remain in Japanese. Use Google translate app to translate Japanese into English and you would find settings.


    1. I want car back camera fitted the Gathers Vxm 145Vsi Dvd Gps ,even a second one but working , tell me the price ,same will be use for my Honda hybrid car year 2014. OR tell I can same thanks a lot


  2. Purchase 3 2014 Honda Fit from SBT Japan. They Have the Honda Gathers VXM-145VSI navigation radio system inside. They are unable to work a security code is required to activate. Need some assistance in acquiring the codes/


  3. Hello Yashit, my GP5 has CTBA on the wind sheild + another honda cam aside. I think it is a dashboard cam but i dont know how it works. In it there is a memory card of 2 gb which is already plugged. I do not have a reader for that. Can you help me with it.


  4. Hello Yashit, i cannot make any video play on the internavi premium club. Formatted it fat 32 but still, it cannot find any use full file. can you help me with that. Thanks


  5. I have trouble with my gathers VXM-145VFI.
    It’s locked and I didn’t know the code that’s why I can’t do anything with this. So, could you please help me how to get the code. My device informations are as follow:
    Serial – 527613
    P / No – 08A40-5S0-420
    Model – CQ-UH03J1CJ



    1. Hi, have you been able to unlock it.??? Im also in same situation asking for security code and i do not have the manual 😦 ….plz anyone help…?


  6. Hi Yasitha,
    I’m Planing to change my original internavi comes along with 2015 GP5. Is there any good model number I can purchase?
    Thank you.


  7. Dear Yasith,
    I have VXM-145VSI. I’m still struggling to connect my android phone with the audio setup to answer calls. As most of the details are in Japanese this is not yet successful. Do you have a set of instructions to do this?


  8. Hi Yasith!
    In my honda grace has a gathers vsm 155 av system and does not having any usb ports near power outlet sockets. but in the cabin there is a usb cord with the port. is that usb port only for the navigation dongle?becausewhen I plug a usb drive to play music, player indicate connect or disconnect massage butin main menu not showing it
    if you have any idea pls share?


  9. Hello Mr Yasith
    My Vezel- 2016 model is having an Internavi Set up. How to change the language to English? Is there any way to change to the Local navigation system. Thanks Shantha Emitiyagoda .


  10. Hi. I just bought a Honda vezel 2014. Is there any way to change the language to English on the internavi system. I’m also trying to connect my iPhone to the system but not sure how. And lastly how do I change the time on it? Thanks!


  11. Hi Mr yasith..
    I have hobda fit(jazz) gp5 and I m looking for 5 digit unlock code for honda gathers inter navi vxm-165vfi. Can u help me.
    I will be your thank full..


  12. I’m facing security code issue in gathers vxm-155vsi i accidentally disconnected battery terminals, kindly share me the code if anybody have it.


  13. my gathers VXM-145VFI
    P / No – 08A40-5S0-420
    Model – CQ-UH03J1CJ
    serial number:560057
    could you please help me how to get the code


  14. I am having honda fit 2014 with gathers VXM-145c how can i unlock it
    I dont have vin it is from japan
    They have chaches number


  15. Dear Yasith

    Thank you very much for your valuable information.

    I was able to connect my phone with honda Internavi via Bluetooth. I have Honda Fit GP1 Car. But I want to know How can I play songs via Bluetooth. Please reply if there is any method.

    Thanks and Regards


  16. Dear yasith, i have a problem in my internavi system,display is not working,also all the usb ports not supporting,please let me know what is the issue and any solution,

    Thanks yasith


  17. Hi, I have imported a Honda Vezel 2014 AWD last week. It came with all options, together with Gathers VXM-145VFEi Audio system with Multi view corner camera and reverse camera. All the menus in Gathers system are in Japanese. The navigation system does not work. No map. Is there any way to upgrade firmware or load Sri Lankan GPS map in to this system?
    I already have a Garmin Nuvi GPS (5 inch) and got a Sri Lankan map. I wish to use Gathers screen for the GPS and appreciate if someone could help with sharing information.If anyone wants, I can send you the Garmin detailed map of Sri Lanka.


    1. I have Honda vezel RU 4 car imported recently from Japan. How can I change the language to english and how to upgrade navigation system to suit to Sri Lanka. Thanks Shantha Emitiyagoda On Feb 2, 2018 10:42 AM, “Honda Fit GP5 User Forum – Sri Lanka” wrote:

      > Yasir Ali Khan commented: “Hello, What video formats can we play in > Gathers VXM-155vsi via USB?” >


  18. Hello great job answering the questions asked here.
    I’ve seen many questions but not the one most important to me.

    So here goes,

    I have loads of songs on my android phone. If I want to play them through my honda internavi radio is it possible to connect my phone to this internavi by Bluetooth and then stream music to it so I won’t have to use cds? Please help me solve this issue

    Thanks lots!!


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