City Active Brake System (CTBA)

Dear Friends,

Hope this article will be able to clarify most of your doubts regarding the CTBA System.


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Yasith Mayabandara



35 thoughts on “City Active Brake System (CTBA)”

      1. Dear Yasith, Very good advice. My car’s CTBA system failure indication came yesterday. Nothing happened even car stop/start. It was keeping on. I brought the car to newly opened Stafford service station at Raththanapitiya. They upgrade the firmware and system become normal. Very good place.Very good service. Charges are very reasonable. I am quite happy with the service they provide.


  1. hi

    today when I was driving city break failure indicator happen. then I park the vehicle and off and restart the vehicle. then its gone. what might be the reason ?

    thank you


  2. HI yasith .. i wanna know why is the ctba is always on even restart the car.. i know the system is off but it doesnt get reactivated if again start the car.. ctba light is always on.. can u suggest any ideas for this? and is it harmfull if lights are always on ?


  3. Hi
    In my car there is a button for VSA, but when I switch on and off it doesn’t indicate anything
    Is it normal or there has to be any signal to identify whether it’s on or off?


  4. Hi All,

    I’m also getting the CTBA Failure notification suddenly from yesterday. If there is anyone who got solved the issue, please let me know the procedure.

    Thank you


  5. I’m Using a Fit GP5 2016.The display that indicates the warnings and car power working mechanism etc which is right side from the speed meeter went white at once and the car braked twice automatically while I drive it. But after I manually brake it once everything came back to normal. What could be the reason for that?


  6. Hello Friends, I was previously having CTBA failure on my dash board. I just did a scan with my GP5, the error disappeared but i feel that the CTBA is still not functioning. Do you think the guy who did the scan disabled it completely? if yes, i wish to have it activated. Another scan will cost me another 40$.


  7. Hi I recently purchased a Honda GP5 S Grade . 2013 Model. How do i check for the City Traffic Braking Assist( CTBA) ? Does the 2013 model come with that feature? How do i cheexk if its 2 or 8 Airbags?


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