Motor Oil, S.A.E Grading and Hybrids

Dear Friends,

Looks like most of you having trouble in understanding the S.A.E grading system and in choosing correct oil for your hybrid.

Please refer the following documents to get answers to your questions about motor oil.

Engine Oil Viscosity and SAE Grades

Hybrid Engines and Motor Oil

Thank You

Yasith Mayabandara


6 thoughts on “Motor Oil, S.A.E Grading and Hybrids”

  1. but automiraj at dematagoda recommended 5W – 30 oil for the hybrids. So its bit complicated who s right and who is wrong?


    1. Dear Kasun,

      No need to make the things complicated :).

      I have asked you to follow manufacturers’ recommendations. And also i have provide you the thechnical points of doing such.

      If somebody / organization asked you to deviate from manufacturers’ recommendations and do something else, Please ask “WHY?” from them. If they give a reasonable answer, please post it here and we can discuss about that.

      Anyway, the ultimate choice is yours.

      Thank You


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