Vehicle Settings Menu

Dear Friends,

How many of you have got in to trouble when you see the information display unit of your new Honda Fit Hybrid GP5?

It is all in Japanese and almost all of us are not understand a single word of it.

So here is a little help for you. This is a direct translation of the Japanese user manual.

This describes the functions of the three buttons on your right hand side of the steering wheel.

Se-Res Buttons

For better reference, i have included the Japanese characters displayed in the information display it self.

Please download the following document and enjoy!


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** NOTE **

The Clock setting is NOT available in this menu when there is a Honda Internavi System. The Clock setting is integrated to the internavi system in those vehicles. I will upload a video later abuot this matter.

Hope you will find this useful

Thank You

Yasith Mayabandara


121 thoughts on “Vehicle Settings Menu”

  1. hi, when my Car getting really slow can see yellow colour car simble showing in the display with beep sound and looks car going to be stuck
    sudnnly. I am really uncomfortable with this
    please advise how to over come this


  2. The Screen which shows blue and green rays around car doesn’t appear when driving.please help me. Leave your phone number then I can explain clearly


    1. hi sachini, I think you can set it on or off from your settings. please refer to the last few miniutes of this video, it will show how to on/off, change colors of rays and using random colors, etc. Hope this will help you if it is not a technical issue of your system.


  3. Hi,
    There are 2 battery icons appearing in the screen while changing settings from the multifunctional steering.. can somebody plese tell me what those are…


  4. Hello yasith..its a great work you are doing here..really grateful…i have a honda gp5.. Milage is around 47000km. Could you please tell me how do i exactly know that im running my hybrid engine properly..because the fuel efficiency should be around 35-36km/L…but its actually around 14km/L as its been indicated on the dashboard. I usually drive below 60kmph…could you please tell me what to do?


  5. dear Sir ,

    i have received my gp5 2015 some 2 days back only issue is that the multimedia system gathers vxm155vsi require an access code i have receive a voucher on which the serial no and other refference are written.

    kindly advice where can i get the code.




  6. hi bro, i am trying to buy a Fit Gp5 ,its a 2014 made and it is KY XXXX
    but once i look in to the vehicle i monitor a different bit ween steering weel,
    button system is not there. why its like that and how much the vehicle value as per your knowledge


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