Questions and Answers

Dear Friends,

Please post your questions as a new comment on this page. I myself and others who are interested on the topic will reply to your questions.


Thank You

Yasith Mayabandara


790 thoughts on “Questions and Answers”

  1. Hey, Yasith
    When I start my car i get this message!
    (First selling pre-sale premium sale)
    Later confirmed lightly confirmed
    This is the translation I got when translated to English
    Plz tell me what is this?


  2. Hi Friends,

    My Honda GP is now about 1 and a half years old, brought zero millage. done about 18,000 Kms now. Since about 2 weeks there is a squeaking noise that comes from the break paddle (inside the car) every time i press or release the break paddle. its not the break pads for sure.
    what could be the reason?
    Mahesh Amarasinghe


    1. Hi Mahesh,
      I do hear this squeaking noise which you described. When the car is at full stop, when break paddle is pressed I hear it too. So I guess it’s something near the break paddle. If you find what it is please update.


  3. Hi Yasith, can you help me interpret this gauge with 4 horizontal bars that indicates km/l for each bar? What are those 4 bars indicate?


  4. Hello, I have a 2015 GP5 and it’s been only a week since I bought it. Sometimes when I hit the push start the engine won’t start, so I had to literally keep hitting the push button several times. Scans didnt show any faults either. I even replaced the 12v battery. What could be the issue?


  5. Hi Yasith, Thanks a lot for the advice and information you share on this blog.

    If you get your hands on the Japanese service manual, please do share the link with us. I have a GP5 with 27000km on it.


    1. Go there at your own risk. Their service is good but knowledge is questionable. They recommends 5w-30 for hybrid engines in Sri Lankan weather. Fun part is just today one them showed the first line comes under the topic “myths” from Yasithma’s pdf about engine oils to confirm that 5w-30 is the best. I had to make him read the next line and translate some English to convince that he was wrong. And they might also try to change your clutch oil by showing some lights on a small (unbranded)sensor. Something to think about….


      1. Dear Sahan,

        Thank you very much for the information and educating our community.

        Either that person got the whole idea of the document wrong or he is behaving like our media people (they extract a small part of a story or a speech and interpret / present in completely different way). That document is written to prove that 0w 20 is the best.

        Anyway, I am very happy to have people like you who follows my blog and help me to continue this.
        Thank You


      2. I also booked a service at Hybrid hub for my Honda Grace this week. I’ve known these people for a while, even before they started this place. So I’m more confident about their knowledge and experience.

        However, I also don’t agree with their recommendation of 5W-30 oil, instead of 0W-20. In my previous services at Stafford motors, I used to use 0W-20, but Stafford motors also asked me to choose either 5W-30 and 0W-20.

        So I’ll share my new experience on Saturday after the service.


  6. Dear Yasith and Everyone,

    Happy New Year to you all !!!
    Could any of you get the correct manufacturer’s specifications for auto gear oil changing intervals?
    I desperately need to know that as my mileage is already 36,000km and general service people keep saying us to change it in every 40,000km.


  7. Dear Yasith,

    I have 2014 Honda FIT GP5 Hybrid. What is the genuine honda oil filter model that I can use for the car? is it 15400-PLM-A01 or 15400-PLM-A02?


  8. Greetings!!!
    Does any of your gp5 engines make a whining/humming noise on the first (cold) start these days? I noticed it for two days in my gp5. This happens only during the very first start at around 7am for me. Noise continues along with the engine noise for around 1-2 mins and then stops. And it never comes back during the day.

    I went to hybrid hub today for a service and I told them about this. Then they said that this noise is not a failure or anything but a noise that your engine makes on cold starts until it warms up. But again they are the people who recommends 5w-30 for hybrid engines. So I’m not confident about the answer.

    You guys have any experiences? Thoughts? Suggestions?


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