Honda FIT GP5 Recalls

Honda Fit GP5 Recalls

Dear Friends,

Do you aware that Honda Fit GP5 has been called back four times for upgrades up to now ?

Here is the link to Honda Japan recall information page. You can use Google Chrome browser to translate this automatically.

Honda Japan Recall Site

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So, how do you know that your vehicle has undergone those upgrades or not?

There are two ways,

1. A sticker containing the recall number is pasted in to the driver’s seat door opening

2. By entering your vehicles’ chassis number in to the following page

Search By Chassis Number

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Screenshot from 2014-10-15 16:14:13

Heard those upgrades done at Stafford Motors but didn’t have an experience yet.

Thank You


9 thoughts on “Honda FIT GP5 Recalls”

  1. I got this message.
    ‘Customer .. car stand number is input, that it is not subject to recall or improvement measures
    even if it had been the subject, has already repair is complete, you can use with peace of mind.’
    Thank you Yasith. great work.


  2. Hi Yasitha,
    I just found out (thanks to your site), that the Car I am planning on buying has been recalled but the matter is sorted. What is your opinion… is it ok to go for it…
    This is a super job you are doing… Great !!


  3. Im a potential buyer for a FIT GP5…this site is very helpfull to get a good idea about the car…thnks a lot yasith…keep up the good work.


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