Honda Fit Hybird GP5 User Forum – Sri Lanka


Dear Friends,

This is a place where you can gather some knowledge about your valuable vehicle and to share your experience with others.

The ultimate goal of this forum is to get the very best of your valuable car while giving it the ultimate care.

Hope you all will contribute to this forum to make this successful.

Thank You

Yasith Mayabandara


12 thoughts on “Honda Fit Hybird GP5 User Forum – Sri Lanka”

  1. Hi Yasith,
    Thank you for your time for all this writeup. It has been really helpful. I recently acquired a 2014 Fit Hybrid and the vehicle setting menu has been really helpful. I wish there was a permanent method of disabling the city active breaking system as it is kind of annoying at times.

    Since i got the vehicle the battery is charged ~50% all the time (In that indicator showing where the wheels are charging it). I drive 95% in traffic. Is that normal?


      1. Thanks Yasith. I did a trip to Trinco and came back yesterday. With 4 adults including me and a child. It returned an average of 22kmpl with moderate driving. Is that normal ? Do i need the car to be checked ?


  2. Dear Yasith

    I have plan to buy a FIT car, but not yet decided whather FIT shuttle or normal FIT GP 5 s. could you please explain me the main differance between these two models

    What are the avilable shuttle models and what are the main differnaces between those models



    1. Dear Shenu

      Fit shuttle is a station wagon (bigger).

      The new GP5 and GP7 (2WD Hybrid Version) / GP8 (4WD Hybrid Version) are same in technology (1.5l engine, i-DCD Transmission)

      Three versions available
      1. Hybrid
      2. Hybrid X – Hybrid + Paddle Shift
      3. Hybrid Z – Hybrid X + 16″ Tyres


  3. Dear All

    i have honda fit 2013 1.3cc, the mileage is about 135,000kms now. i noticed the oil level is less about half liter in a week, my daily running is about 55kms.
    Does anyone have idea why this happening and how can i fix it?

    thanks for help


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